Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Custom Sneakers "Hope for Change"

I just want to take a moment to discuss the design concept of this Obama sneaker release. These Obama "Hope for Change" custom sneakers are getting a lot of attention, and everyone is reacting to it in a different way.

The main concept of this Obama sneaker design is contrast and balance. The main message is to express they joy that comes with George W. Bush no longer being our president, and second, to show my support to Senator Obama.

I used both the face of our soon to be past, which is still to be present for the next few weeks, and the face that we hope to see in the future as the leader of this great country (once again contrast). Not only I used a warm facial expression, but also a warm color on Senator Obama's face (this color happens to be pretty close to his actual skin complexion), this color is used to emphasize the notion of "warm" and "real", and these two are traits that we get from the Senators speeches. On the other hand, I used a cold color, and a cold facial expression for Bush's face. Since this color is not natural and far different from his skin complexion, we used it to express "cold" and "fake". Put simple, these are some of the traits that come to my mind when I think of George W. Bush. Once again contrast between both, warm and cold, but also real and fake.

The back of the Obama sneaker I featured one of the numerous logos for the international day of peace. Peace is one of the main reasons why I support Senator Obama. I think I can speak for us all by saying that we are tired of war and losing family and friends to this fight that is masked with terms like "fight against terror" or "weapons of mass destruction", which leads me to the back of the other shoe, where I featured the bombings. Once again contrast, between peace and war this time. Finally, at the very back of the shoes, the words "change" and "hope". The use of distorted fonts was to express a scream, scream for hope, hope for peace, and scream asking for change. The face of Bush as president is what this country needs to change, and the face of Senator Barack Obama is the hope.

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