Sunday, November 16, 2008


Even after their loss in 1980 in Superbowl XIV against the steelers, from number 29 Eric Dickerson to number 15 Vince Ferragamo, the Los Angeles Rams players had their legacy. If you live in Los Angeles, if you are a fan of football history, you might feel nostalgic about these one.

For this job, the customer requested that the shoe remained simple, the main focus was the old logo and to and to make sure to old city was also on the custom shoes. This limits my lay out a little, but my choice was to balance both shoes with the teams helmet on each side, then the name of the team on the back, so when put side to side they would read "L.A. Rams". The from features a front view of the jersey, The away jersey used to be white with blue sleeves and in between the white and the blue it had the ram's horn looking like a stripe from the front but from the side you could see it curl like the horn on the helmet. So when you look at these custom sneakers side by side from the front, they look like the front view of the jersey.
Here it is people, another way you can get your favorite athletic team on your favorite pair of shoes! So do not hesitate to contact me to get your own pair of custom sneakers!!!
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XCLSV X Throw back Los Angeles Rams X Custom Nike Air Force 1

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