Sunday, November 16, 2008


" I go all around the world I yah yah" lol
From custom sneakers to custom jewelry!! Yes indeed, this pair was made Mehdi a.k.a Bling King a well known custom jeweler in France. It was faltering that Bling King chose my services to advertise himself from his feet with custom sneakers, instead of his neck or his wrist with a piece of custom jewelry. Now I am pretty sure that he has more than enough jewelry and a custom sneaker will be a good change, but once again this shows the wide variety of people that request custom sneakers!!

The color of choice was purple for the simple fact that purple is his favorite color, therefore I used several tints of it. The left shoe features the picture that he requested on a purple scale to make sure the picture was working well with the rest of the lay out on this custom shoe. The right sneaker features his logo in a way that will force you to wear yo shades or "hater blocks" in order to see it lol, you can't miss it! On the tongues of the shoes I spelled both Bling and King so that from the front it would be easy to tell this is his own pair of custom sneakers, but I am not a fan of the huge names on the shoe that loudly say "look at my shoes, they need attention" lol but to still get attention I did them black on white to get contrast and then the location of it, being that it is on the front you will see it as soon as he walks up to you. Now as far as the logo on the side of the right shoe, he wanted that one to stand out, he wanted to make sure no one missed it, so I made sure to make that one big and to give it its deserved shine!!
So if you are a recording artist, a producer, a promoter, a custom jeweler, or you just want your face and a logo or your name on your shoes, you can get your own!! Don't hesitate to contact me and get your own pair of custom sneakers!!!!!!

XCLSV X Bling King X Custom Nike Air Force 1

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