Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tired of expressing your appreciation and involvement for a video game through stickers, posters, or if you are one of the lucky ones, a t-shirt? Well enough of that! Here is a new twist for those who love both sneakers and video games. These custom sneakers are for individuals who desire a new way to express their passion for video games through a way of alternative urban art.
I have had a lot of requests for custom sneakers from gamers, hoping to see a custom pair of shoes with a video game theme. Well, my purpose is to serve the people, so here they are!!!The XCLSV Nike Gears of War 2 custom sneakers!!!!!!!

These custom shoes were a challenge because I wanted to represent as much of the video game as possible. My purpose was to introduce a number of elements without crowding the sneakers.
The Nike Gears of War 2 custom sneakers feature the Gears of War logo and logo type on the right shoe, and also the lancer assault rifle on the outside toe of the custom sneaker. On the left shoe, Marcus Fenix is represented with a flamed background, ready to go to battle and do some damage, just as shown on the second version of the video game. Also represented on the left shoe on the outside of the toe is piece of video game gear; located on the back of this same shoe is the customers gametag.
It is necessary for me to point out the detail that was taken to get this shoe accomplished! From the skull, to the logotype, the weapon and the armor on Marcus, to the flamed backgrounds! This all too intrusive detail, you be the judge.
If you are a fan of Gears of War 2, you can get your own version of these shoes with your favorite character, weapon, and game tag! And if Gears of War 2 is not necessarily your cup of tea, don't worry, you can get your own pair of custom sneakers with your own video game theme!!!
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XCLSV X Gears of War 2 X Custom Nike Air Force 1


Fan or not, didn't you like the old logo better? And for the fans, don't you miss it? Well if that is the case, your nostalgic days are over!!!!! Check the Sonics custom sneakers!!!!!!!

I tend to do most of my work on the side of the shoe, and even though it is more difficult, I like custom shoes to remain "wearable" (if that is even a word lol) so for that I tend to have the toe area with no designs at all, or if I decide to have designs they will have to be simple or strongly conceptual, and in for this custom sneaker it was strongly conceptual. I thought that the shape of the front of the Nike Air Force 1 was a perfect match to lay out the old logo of the Seattle Supersonics. I am a huge fan of balance and contrast, and on these custom sneakers I tried to balance a equal amount of areas of each of the three colors. I spelled the city's name along with the name that was printed on the front of the home jerseys on the back of the shoes, with the same font they used on those jerseys (those details baby!!!). Although the design of these custom sneakers is pretty simple, the lay out, color balance, and content makes them flawless!!
So once again, another athletic team on some Nike Air Force 1's, so one more way you can get yours! If you are fan of a team, do not hesitate to contact me, and we will work on the design for your custom sneakers with the team of your choice!!
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XCLSV X Seattle Supersonics X Custom Nike Air Force 1


" I go all around the world I yah yah" lol
From custom sneakers to custom jewelry!! Yes indeed, this pair was made Mehdi a.k.a Bling King a well known custom jeweler in France. It was faltering that Bling King chose my services to advertise himself from his feet with custom sneakers, instead of his neck or his wrist with a piece of custom jewelry. Now I am pretty sure that he has more than enough jewelry and a custom sneaker will be a good change, but once again this shows the wide variety of people that request custom sneakers!!

The color of choice was purple for the simple fact that purple is his favorite color, therefore I used several tints of it. The left shoe features the picture that he requested on a purple scale to make sure the picture was working well with the rest of the lay out on this custom shoe. The right sneaker features his logo in a way that will force you to wear yo shades or "hater blocks" in order to see it lol, you can't miss it! On the tongues of the shoes I spelled both Bling and King so that from the front it would be easy to tell this is his own pair of custom sneakers, but I am not a fan of the huge names on the shoe that loudly say "look at my shoes, they need attention" lol but to still get attention I did them black on white to get contrast and then the location of it, being that it is on the front you will see it as soon as he walks up to you. Now as far as the logo on the side of the right shoe, he wanted that one to stand out, he wanted to make sure no one missed it, so I made sure to make that one big and to give it its deserved shine!!
So if you are a recording artist, a producer, a promoter, a custom jeweler, or you just want your face and a logo or your name on your shoes, you can get your own!! Don't hesitate to contact me and get your own pair of custom sneakers!!!!!!

XCLSV X Bling King X Custom Nike Air Force 1


Even after their loss in 1980 in Superbowl XIV against the steelers, from number 29 Eric Dickerson to number 15 Vince Ferragamo, the Los Angeles Rams players had their legacy. If you live in Los Angeles, if you are a fan of football history, you might feel nostalgic about these one.

For this job, the customer requested that the shoe remained simple, the main focus was the old logo and to and to make sure to old city was also on the custom shoes. This limits my lay out a little, but my choice was to balance both shoes with the teams helmet on each side, then the name of the team on the back, so when put side to side they would read "L.A. Rams". The from features a front view of the jersey, The away jersey used to be white with blue sleeves and in between the white and the blue it had the ram's horn looking like a stripe from the front but from the side you could see it curl like the horn on the helmet. So when you look at these custom sneakers side by side from the front, they look like the front view of the jersey.
Here it is people, another way you can get your favorite athletic team on your favorite pair of shoes! So do not hesitate to contact me to get your own pair of custom sneakers!!!
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XCLSV X Throw back Los Angeles Rams X Custom Nike Air Force 1