Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Midnite Bully "Juice and Bubbles" Custom Nike dunks

Hello world!
This time around I became the hands of another artist, not always easy to accomplish due to the clash of styles and ideas. The client is an artist that has a very free mind and does a lot of abstract and subjective art, as opposed to what I am used to do. This one was a challenge, I actually restarted the shoe about 3 times!

The left shoe features a cartoon of the artists fiance, this is a cartoon that the artist drew on paper and requested for me to put on the shoe. One of the features that the artist loves about her fiancee is the lips and she emphasized on the need for details on that area. The right shoe features the figure of a voluptuous woman, that seems to be something that they are both attracted to.

The front of the shoe features the fiances band logotype "midnight bully". It also features a black and white version of the Puertorican flag on the inside of the shoe, this was a combination of a subjective flag made by the artist, and my suggestion to have the colors blend with the rest of the shoe.

This one really was an experience, it took me out of my confort zone, but the result was appealing to those who seen them, and both the artist and the fiance were very happy. The headaches paid off! So as always I want to remind you to send me an email if you have an idea in your mind or paper, and I will place it on the leather that you place on your shoes!
For orders email xclsvworld@gmail.com

XCLSV X Midnite Bully "Juice and Bubbles" X Custom Nike dunks