Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ray Charles "Cosmic" custom sneakers

For the Ray Charles custom sneakers the customer just wanted a portrait of the legendary pianist and vocalist. Simple enough, nothing unusual, but how do you flip a usual order into an unusual design for a custom shoe? That is the dilemma for each and every order...
Lately I have been day dreaming a lot, trying to recreate, recycle myself and take my work to a rebirth, as if I just stepped into the game but with the design knowledge I already have. Well, while I was browsing the web for a portrait to use for this shoe, I ran into a painting that hit my eye! I thought it would be cool for a change to have a portrait that was more expressive than realistic or picture like.

On this shoe I chose to use a different approach from every angle, not only the fact that I chose to lay the portrait in a expressive way, but also with the use of my strokes. I made everything in this shoe very fast! Each portrait took about 10 minutes, free handed strokes, in a careless manner but still trying to obtain a precise result, so from the dots, to the piano keys, and not forgetting the facial features all strokes were done real fast!
As for the colors, they are the colors used on the original painting, but I thought it was a sign because for those who know me, or for those who paid attention to the colors of the blog, these two colors are two colors that I love to combine!
Finally for the signature, I looked for the signature from the cover of the biography movie of his life "Ray", and replicated it. As for the last name, I went and "googled" autographed pictures and replicated his handwriting.

So there you have it people, these custom sneakers are pretty simple, but pleasant and easy to look at, while showing respect and appreciation to not only one of the greatest s vocalists/musicians in American history, but a man with admirable drive and incomparable talent. So as usual, I will remind you that possibilities are limitless, difficult takes a day and impossible takes two! lol Get at me for your custom kicks!!!
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XCLSV X Ray Charles "cosmic" X Custom Nike Air Force 1

University of Iowa Custom sneakers

Well it seems like reping your school with hooded shirts, t-shirts, and hats is played out! The list of university themed custom sneakers is just getting longer. The lucky client for these shoes actually got inspired by the shoes I made for the state rival, once again the Iowa State University custom sneakers. The client thought that if some one can rep ISU with the cyclone custom kicks, why couldn't they?

As far as the design concept, these were a follow up of the Seattle Supersonics custom sneakers, by having the logos on the toe instead of my usual use of the side panels. This will contrast with the rival custom kicks made to rep ISU. On these I used the the faded swoosh, this is something that i was really into this summer. This summer I went back home (Brussels, Belgium) and they faithfully wear the Air max BW and there were a lot of them that had the faded swoosh, that's what inspired me and made me want to use this over the summer. I wanted all three colors to be equally balanced, and I hesitated for a very long time on the color of the logos, white? yellow? hmmmmm well I ended up going with the white for balance and to make the black of the toe even deeper. My followers know how I feel about the use of black and white, and for the new comers, I love using both of those colors, I love the contrast of them combined, the strength, and purity of them, so if you ever get a pair and you allow me to be free on the choice of colors, there will definitely be a strong use of both of these with a color for the focal point, or to make your eye travel around the shoe and away from the main focal point.

Well once more, I know I repeat myself but as I always say, possibilities are endless people!! so do not be scared! Get your own pair of custom sneakers from xclsvworld!!!! I got you!! lol
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XCLSV X University of Iowa X Custom Nike Air Force 1

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tired of expressing your appreciation and involvement for a video game through stickers, posters, or if you are one of the lucky ones, a t-shirt? Well enough of that! Here is a new twist for those who love both sneakers and video games. These custom sneakers are for individuals who desire a new way to express their passion for video games through a way of alternative urban art.
I have had a lot of requests for custom sneakers from gamers, hoping to see a custom pair of shoes with a video game theme. Well, my purpose is to serve the people, so here they are!!!The XCLSV Nike Gears of War 2 custom sneakers!!!!!!!

These custom shoes were a challenge because I wanted to represent as much of the video game as possible. My purpose was to introduce a number of elements without crowding the sneakers.
The Nike Gears of War 2 custom sneakers feature the Gears of War logo and logo type on the right shoe, and also the lancer assault rifle on the outside toe of the custom sneaker. On the left shoe, Marcus Fenix is represented with a flamed background, ready to go to battle and do some damage, just as shown on the second version of the video game. Also represented on the left shoe on the outside of the toe is piece of video game gear; located on the back of this same shoe is the customers gametag.
It is necessary for me to point out the detail that was taken to get this shoe accomplished! From the skull, to the logotype, the weapon and the armor on Marcus, to the flamed backgrounds! This all too intrusive detail, you be the judge.
If you are a fan of Gears of War 2, you can get your own version of these shoes with your favorite character, weapon, and game tag! And if Gears of War 2 is not necessarily your cup of tea, don't worry, you can get your own pair of custom sneakers with your own video game theme!!!
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XCLSV X Gears of War 2 X Custom Nike Air Force 1


Fan or not, didn't you like the old logo better? And for the fans, don't you miss it? Well if that is the case, your nostalgic days are over!!!!! Check the Sonics custom sneakers!!!!!!!

I tend to do most of my work on the side of the shoe, and even though it is more difficult, I like custom shoes to remain "wearable" (if that is even a word lol) so for that I tend to have the toe area with no designs at all, or if I decide to have designs they will have to be simple or strongly conceptual, and in for this custom sneaker it was strongly conceptual. I thought that the shape of the front of the Nike Air Force 1 was a perfect match to lay out the old logo of the Seattle Supersonics. I am a huge fan of balance and contrast, and on these custom sneakers I tried to balance a equal amount of areas of each of the three colors. I spelled the city's name along with the name that was printed on the front of the home jerseys on the back of the shoes, with the same font they used on those jerseys (those details baby!!!). Although the design of these custom sneakers is pretty simple, the lay out, color balance, and content makes them flawless!!
So once again, another athletic team on some Nike Air Force 1's, so one more way you can get yours! If you are fan of a team, do not hesitate to contact me, and we will work on the design for your custom sneakers with the team of your choice!!
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XCLSV X Seattle Supersonics X Custom Nike Air Force 1