Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ray Charles "Cosmic" custom sneakers

For the Ray Charles custom sneakers the customer just wanted a portrait of the legendary pianist and vocalist. Simple enough, nothing unusual, but how do you flip a usual order into an unusual design for a custom shoe? That is the dilemma for each and every order...
Lately I have been day dreaming a lot, trying to recreate, recycle myself and take my work to a rebirth, as if I just stepped into the game but with the design knowledge I already have. Well, while I was browsing the web for a portrait to use for this shoe, I ran into a painting that hit my eye! I thought it would be cool for a change to have a portrait that was more expressive than realistic or picture like.

On this shoe I chose to use a different approach from every angle, not only the fact that I chose to lay the portrait in a expressive way, but also with the use of my strokes. I made everything in this shoe very fast! Each portrait took about 10 minutes, free handed strokes, in a careless manner but still trying to obtain a precise result, so from the dots, to the piano keys, and not forgetting the facial features all strokes were done real fast!
As for the colors, they are the colors used on the original painting, but I thought it was a sign because for those who know me, or for those who paid attention to the colors of the blog, these two colors are two colors that I love to combine!
Finally for the signature, I looked for the signature from the cover of the biography movie of his life "Ray", and replicated it. As for the last name, I went and "googled" autographed pictures and replicated his handwriting.

So there you have it people, these custom sneakers are pretty simple, but pleasant and easy to look at, while showing respect and appreciation to not only one of the greatest s vocalists/musicians in American history, but a man with admirable drive and incomparable talent. So as usual, I will remind you that possibilities are limitless, difficult takes a day and impossible takes two! lol Get at me for your custom kicks!!!
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XCLSV X Ray Charles "cosmic" X Custom Nike Air Force 1

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