Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peru State Custom Sneakers

As showed before with the ISU custom sneakers, there are no limits to the possibilities of what I can do. Here is another example of a college supportive pair, and I do not discriminate what the school is. By that I mean anyone can rock a pair of custom shoes. We each rock them for different reasons, whether its to match a new outfit, make a statement, rep where ya from or who you are, your favorite sports team, show your school spirit.....the list goes on and on. The point is, everything you wear defines who you are, tells a story about you and what your passionate about.

An e-mail came in from someone asking me to help him design his first pair of custom painted sneakers. Of course I made sure I helped him but in the end I really didn't even design the shoe, he did! And he did it in a way that helped him figure out what he is really into, his likes, and dislikes. Who knew that designing a pair of shoes would of turned into self-exploratory test. In the end he decided because he was very much involved at his college that he would make a pair to show his school spirit! And speaking of school spirit, here is the newest addition of athletic/collegiate custom sneaker, made for an athlete at Peru State College, GO BOBCATS!

The shoe features the school's logo, along with his jersey's number. He wanted it to be visible when he wore jeans, but mainly the teams sweats as they on for game days. I made sure it was clearly visible on the toe for all the opponents.

XCLSV X Peru State College X Nike Air Force 1

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