Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peach Bezzle Custom Sneakers

Yeah it’s safe to say that bezzle bump sneaker designs are one of ,y fortes. This is a technique that I developed and perfected due to popular demand. I have mastered this tedious skill to bring to you another exclusive hand painted custom design.

These rare Peach Bezzle pair of custom shoes were designed to complete an outfit and make a fashion statement. Mix and match and make it your own with any colors and styles. All that’s left to say is you’ll be coming back for a pair of fresh kicks to go with every outfit in your closet!

On this pair I used the bezzle bump again. In this occasion, instead of make a design out of the bumps, I chose to make it more settled using it more as a pattern and a visual effect. The colors selection was just based on the shirts that were given to me which are hung on the background. Since I had the freedom to do what ever I wanted with the content, I decided to do a little self promotion and threw in a few "X's" for "XCLSV".

XCLSV X Peach X Nike Air Force 1

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