Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bahamas Custom Sneakers

These Bahamas Customized Sneakers will make you feel like you're right on the beach. I was asked to make a pair to represent the Bahamas. I had to go Caribbean with these Nikes so all my "dreads" from Bahamians can now represent with some fresh sneakers that at you truly can be proud of, you know dread "Bahamian pride!".

I know there are some sneaker heads and sneaker freaks on the islands, and I have not forgotten about you. Now STAND UP and Represent YOUR Sneaker Game and country.

On this sneaker a featured the flag on the back/outside of the shoe. I also used the colors of the Bahamian flag to make a camouflage around the toe, this brought some interest to the shoe. Finally on the inside, I chose to break the repetition of the flag by using the corresponding colors, while I laid them out in a way that makes you see the flag without the flag being there.

XCLSV X Bahamas X Nike Air Force 1

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