Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tupac "Redemption" Custom Sneakers

The shoe is inspired by the movie "Resurection". In this movie his life is described in order for people to find out about his ups and downs, his opinions, events of his life, and more. I took the picture of the movies cover, the logo with his name, and the font for "Resurection" that was on the cover of the book. I simulated some notebook sheets, as if they were found somewhere in one of his old pants, or in a trash can of a studio in which he worked. On those notes, I have on of Pac's most popular tracks "Death around the corner". I hope you enjoy the work and the detail, as I put in a lot of work into it!

Tupac was indisputably one of the greatest hip hop artists of all times! Tupac was a man of many gifts, full of passion and creativity. With that in mind our sneaker I worked hard to deliver acustom sneaker to capture the true essence of Tupac Shakur. So for all the true Hip Hop fans out there, and die hard Tupac Shakur fanatics you are going to fall in love with the Custom Tupac "Resurrection" Custom Sneakers. Take a look...

His life was cut short but he left legacy he left behind! And here with this pair I will keep the legacy going. Be a part of that legacy by adding these Custom AF1 to your collection.

Rock his lyrics on your feet, his image with your stride and rep the legacy of Tupac Shakur, a Hiphop legend!

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XCLSV X Custom Tupac X Nike Air Force 1

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  1. That is so cool of how you put tupac on a sneaker. How you put people on sneakers? I would like my face on my sneakers!!! L.O.L.