Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rainbow Bezzle Custom Sneaker

So, I have been in the lab and have a fresh pair of custom sneakers for everyone to checkout.
The bezzle bump design has been a favorite among everyone so I have some new designs to show. This particular pair of custom hand painted sneakers have been on our site for a few weeks but we had not taken the time to blog about them. Today's pair of forces have been dubbed the "Rainbow Bezzle Bump" so enjoy....

For this job I was asked to make a colorful pair for the summer, and if possibly incorporate a rainbow. It was one of those patient days plus my customer gave me plenty of freedom, this tends to result positively. It was a while since I used the bezzle bump technique so I decided to use it. I was very time consuming, but both the customer and I were happy with the result!

XCLSV X Rainbow X Nike Air Force 1

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