Thursday, October 30, 2008

Young Marley Custom Sneakers

Get up, Stand up in these colorfully hand painted AF1's giving tribute to best Reggae singer none other than Bob Marley. Enjoy the detail we have put into these Bob Marley Custom Nike AF1 Sneakers. Send me a picture of someone influential in your life, some one you love, or even your self, and I will make it come to life on your custom sneakers. There is no limit to the portraits I can do! You be the judge look at the Bob Marley Custom Sneakers.

On this custom sneaker job, I chose to feature the young Version of Marley, although this picture is quite popular, in my opinion the "young Marley" is not featured as much as it could or should, most people like to cherish the late Marley, but I like new looks switch it up from time to time.

On this Bob Marley sneaker I chose black and white because I personally love the use of black and white, I like the contrast in it, I love the impact of it, I like the depth that it brings to the piece, but also it goes along with not only the fact that it is represents an older artist, but also the famous picture it self is in black and white, lol. Here it is once more for you guys!

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XCLSV X Young Marley X Nike Air Force 1

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