Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dj Law "HIPHOP" custom Nike air force 1

Hello world!
This pair was made for Dj Law, a young and very talented entrepreneur from Marseilles, France. This young man is a Dj/graphic designer/web develloper/I do it all type guy, kinda like me! That is why I have love and respect for the man. We crossed paths back when I was part of, and had a lot of things in common and the main ones were passion and grind. We exchanged favors and of course I had to make a pair, here it comes...

One of the things we had in common was the love of hiphop, and 90's hiphop at that, I
own a couple of his 90's special editions mixtapes, so I thought with the whole Nas controversy and the big debate of 08 that was "HIP HOP is dead!", "Nah its alive!" well these are for a DJ, djs are responsible to play the tracks and often dictate what is real or not and what is hot or not. So with this pair customized Nikes, I asked the dj, is hip hop alive? (side of left shoe) thats why I got the headphones on it, it represents the music, it is one of the icons of the emblematic image of a dj in the hiphop culture. Or did the industry killed it ? (side of right shoe) that's why I got the money spilled all over the place, the same way it is on the game, pretty self explanatory for that one. The toes also carry a message, the right toe of these custom sneakers spell "I have the music", and the toe of the left custom shoe says "I bring the music". These in my book are some of the main expectations of a Dj: to have the music, and to bring it to us!

Finally for the design on these custom sneakers, I played with mixtures to give an optical illusion, the paint is exactly the same color, and the texture is aaaaaaall leather, no pattned leather and no suede. The goal was to have the message undercover on the custom shoe, so it would be there but you would have to pay attention. It was inspired by the laser sneakers that nike was doing, and is I went on, I drift away from it.

So, HIP HOP alive ? Or HIP HOP dead ?
Is it about the music ? Or, is it about the money?
Still lookin for an answer...
For now enjoy the kicks
And you know the song, you can get these custom kics or anything you like, just shoot me an email!

XCLSV X Dj Law "HIPHOp" X Custom Nike Air Force 1

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