Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Custom Sneakers "Hope for Change"

I just want to take a moment to discuss the design concept of this Obama sneaker release. These Obama "Hope for Change" custom sneakers are getting a lot of attention, and everyone is reacting to it in a different way.

The main concept of this Obama sneaker design is contrast and balance. The main message is to express they joy that comes with George W. Bush no longer being our president, and second, to show my support to Senator Obama.

I used both the face of our soon to be past, which is still to be present for the next few weeks, and the face that we hope to see in the future as the leader of this great country (once again contrast). Not only I used a warm facial expression, but also a warm color on Senator Obama's face (this color happens to be pretty close to his actual skin complexion), this color is used to emphasize the notion of "warm" and "real", and these two are traits that we get from the Senators speeches. On the other hand, I used a cold color, and a cold facial expression for Bush's face. Since this color is not natural and far different from his skin complexion, we used it to express "cold" and "fake". Put simple, these are some of the traits that come to my mind when I think of George W. Bush. Once again contrast between both, warm and cold, but also real and fake.

The back of the Obama sneaker I featured one of the numerous logos for the international day of peace. Peace is one of the main reasons why I support Senator Obama. I think I can speak for us all by saying that we are tired of war and losing family and friends to this fight that is masked with terms like "fight against terror" or "weapons of mass destruction", which leads me to the back of the other shoe, where I featured the bombings. Once again contrast, between peace and war this time. Finally, at the very back of the shoes, the words "change" and "hope". The use of distorted fonts was to express a scream, scream for hope, hope for peace, and scream asking for change. The face of Bush as president is what this country needs to change, and the face of Senator Barack Obama is the hope.

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XCLSV X Obama X Nike Air Force 1

Tupac "Redemption" Custom Sneakers

The shoe is inspired by the movie "Resurection". In this movie his life is described in order for people to find out about his ups and downs, his opinions, events of his life, and more. I took the picture of the movies cover, the logo with his name, and the font for "Resurection" that was on the cover of the book. I simulated some notebook sheets, as if they were found somewhere in one of his old pants, or in a trash can of a studio in which he worked. On those notes, I have on of Pac's most popular tracks "Death around the corner". I hope you enjoy the work and the detail, as I put in a lot of work into it!

Tupac was indisputably one of the greatest hip hop artists of all times! Tupac was a man of many gifts, full of passion and creativity. With that in mind our sneaker I worked hard to deliver acustom sneaker to capture the true essence of Tupac Shakur. So for all the true Hip Hop fans out there, and die hard Tupac Shakur fanatics you are going to fall in love with the Custom Tupac "Resurrection" Custom Sneakers. Take a look...

His life was cut short but he left legacy he left behind! And here with this pair I will keep the legacy going. Be a part of that legacy by adding these Custom AF1 to your collection.

Rock his lyrics on your feet, his image with your stride and rep the legacy of Tupac Shakur, a Hiphop legend!

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XCLSV X Custom Tupac X Nike Air Force 1

Young Marley Custom Sneakers

Get up, Stand up in these colorfully hand painted AF1's giving tribute to best Reggae singer none other than Bob Marley. Enjoy the detail we have put into these Bob Marley Custom Nike AF1 Sneakers. Send me a picture of someone influential in your life, some one you love, or even your self, and I will make it come to life on your custom sneakers. There is no limit to the portraits I can do! You be the judge look at the Bob Marley Custom Sneakers.

On this custom sneaker job, I chose to feature the young Version of Marley, although this picture is quite popular, in my opinion the "young Marley" is not featured as much as it could or should, most people like to cherish the late Marley, but I like new looks switch it up from time to time.

On this Bob Marley sneaker I chose black and white because I personally love the use of black and white, I like the contrast in it, I love the impact of it, I like the depth that it brings to the piece, but also it goes along with not only the fact that it is represents an older artist, but also the famous picture it self is in black and white, lol. Here it is once more for you guys!

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XCLSV X Young Marley X Nike Air Force 1

Dj Law "HIPHOP" custom Nike air force 1

Hello world!
This pair was made for Dj Law, a young and very talented entrepreneur from Marseilles, France. This young man is a Dj/graphic designer/web develloper/I do it all type guy, kinda like me! That is why I have love and respect for the man. We crossed paths back when I was part of, and had a lot of things in common and the main ones were passion and grind. We exchanged favors and of course I had to make a pair, here it comes...

One of the things we had in common was the love of hiphop, and 90's hiphop at that, I
own a couple of his 90's special editions mixtapes, so I thought with the whole Nas controversy and the big debate of 08 that was "HIP HOP is dead!", "Nah its alive!" well these are for a DJ, djs are responsible to play the tracks and often dictate what is real or not and what is hot or not. So with this pair customized Nikes, I asked the dj, is hip hop alive? (side of left shoe) thats why I got the headphones on it, it represents the music, it is one of the icons of the emblematic image of a dj in the hiphop culture. Or did the industry killed it ? (side of right shoe) that's why I got the money spilled all over the place, the same way it is on the game, pretty self explanatory for that one. The toes also carry a message, the right toe of these custom sneakers spell "I have the music", and the toe of the left custom shoe says "I bring the music". These in my book are some of the main expectations of a Dj: to have the music, and to bring it to us!

Finally for the design on these custom sneakers, I played with mixtures to give an optical illusion, the paint is exactly the same color, and the texture is aaaaaaall leather, no pattned leather and no suede. The goal was to have the message undercover on the custom shoe, so it would be there but you would have to pay attention. It was inspired by the laser sneakers that nike was doing, and is I went on, I drift away from it.

So, HIP HOP alive ? Or HIP HOP dead ?
Is it about the music ? Or, is it about the money?
Still lookin for an answer...
For now enjoy the kicks
And you know the song, you can get these custom kics or anything you like, just shoot me an email!

XCLSV X Dj Law "HIPHOp" X Custom Nike Air Force 1

Timberwolves Custom Sneakers

Either you are excited about the Minnesota Timberwolves signing first round draft pick Kevin Love and want to show some pride, or you live in the Twin Cities metro area, or may be you live or are from or live in Minnesota, or you just want some custom sneakers. If either of these statements are true or perhaps these custom sneakers will peek your interest!

The wood grain is a replica of the wood on the floor of the Metrodome, the entire work was painted, the only ingredients to this job were a paint brush and paint. A common reaction for people when they grab the shoe is to knock on the toe thinking that it is real wood stuck on it.

Keep in mind that even if not a Timberwolves fan, you can always get a similar job with your favorite team featured on the sides. Feel free to contact me for details on your order.

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XCLSV X Minnesota Timberlwolves X Nike Air Force 1

Peru State Custom Sneakers

As showed before with the ISU custom sneakers, there are no limits to the possibilities of what I can do. Here is another example of a college supportive pair, and I do not discriminate what the school is. By that I mean anyone can rock a pair of custom shoes. We each rock them for different reasons, whether its to match a new outfit, make a statement, rep where ya from or who you are, your favorite sports team, show your school spirit.....the list goes on and on. The point is, everything you wear defines who you are, tells a story about you and what your passionate about.

An e-mail came in from someone asking me to help him design his first pair of custom painted sneakers. Of course I made sure I helped him but in the end I really didn't even design the shoe, he did! And he did it in a way that helped him figure out what he is really into, his likes, and dislikes. Who knew that designing a pair of shoes would of turned into self-exploratory test. In the end he decided because he was very much involved at his college that he would make a pair to show his school spirit! And speaking of school spirit, here is the newest addition of athletic/collegiate custom sneaker, made for an athlete at Peru State College, GO BOBCATS!

The shoe features the school's logo, along with his jersey's number. He wanted it to be visible when he wore jeans, but mainly the teams sweats as they on for game days. I made sure it was clearly visible on the toe for all the opponents.

XCLSV X Peru State College X Nike Air Force 1

Rainbow Bezzle Custom Sneaker

So, I have been in the lab and have a fresh pair of custom sneakers for everyone to checkout.
The bezzle bump design has been a favorite among everyone so I have some new designs to show. This particular pair of custom hand painted sneakers have been on our site for a few weeks but we had not taken the time to blog about them. Today's pair of forces have been dubbed the "Rainbow Bezzle Bump" so enjoy....

For this job I was asked to make a colorful pair for the summer, and if possibly incorporate a rainbow. It was one of those patient days plus my customer gave me plenty of freedom, this tends to result positively. It was a while since I used the bezzle bump technique so I decided to use it. I was very time consuming, but both the customer and I were happy with the result!

XCLSV X Rainbow X Nike Air Force 1

Peach Bezzle Custom Sneakers

Yeah it’s safe to say that bezzle bump sneaker designs are one of ,y fortes. This is a technique that I developed and perfected due to popular demand. I have mastered this tedious skill to bring to you another exclusive hand painted custom design.

These rare Peach Bezzle pair of custom shoes were designed to complete an outfit and make a fashion statement. Mix and match and make it your own with any colors and styles. All that’s left to say is you’ll be coming back for a pair of fresh kicks to go with every outfit in your closet!

On this pair I used the bezzle bump again. In this occasion, instead of make a design out of the bumps, I chose to make it more settled using it more as a pattern and a visual effect. The colors selection was just based on the shirts that were given to me which are hung on the background. Since I had the freedom to do what ever I wanted with the content, I decided to do a little self promotion and threw in a few "X's" for "XCLSV".

XCLSV X Peach X Nike Air Force 1

Pitsburg Steelers Custom Sneakers

No matter where you're at, with these Pittsburgh Steelers Hand Painted Nike AF1 Custom Sneakers on, the Steel City is never far away.

We all know that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a rich NFL history (Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and Mean Joe Greene to name a few) along with loyal die hard fans. Whether you bleed Black n Gold or just like them a little, represent your Steelers hard with some sick custom sneakers to match your Steelers gear.

Want to add your favorite player's number to these custom kicks? No problem! Want to change them up a little? No problem! Want to do the same thing with different team? No problem!!! I am here to help you create your own nike af1 custom sneakers!