Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Custom Kobe championship sneakers for $60!!!!!!

Hello world!!!
So, I am a huge Kobe fan, but I am pretty quiet about it. After the upseting loss last year, I am more than convinced that this is the year! If you share this feeling I have something for you! I will make a pair of Kobe champioship custom sneakers of your choice for the ridiculously low price of $60!!!! You can not beat that!!!
Here is how it works, if you place your order before the start of game 5 you will pay $60 for the work and the shipping (+$20 for international shipping), and you will provide the pair of sneakers of your choice to be customized . You will get the date of purchase on the shoe, and the number that your order was placed on. If you are sharing the feeling but you are more of a shy fan, and you purchase before game 6, you will get them for $80. And if you purchase before game 7, you will pay $100, but once the lakers win the series it will be $120. There will be no purchase number nor date for purchases made after the Lakers win the series.
The design will be similar to the Young Marley Custom Sneakers '09 edition "The Iron Lion is in Zion" custom sneakers. It will feature his face on one side, and his name or champion or a word with a max of 5 letters on the other side. The toes will be yellow, purple, or both, while the rest will be white(no custom stitchin for this offer). I will take pleasure to make each and every single pair of sneakers!!

For orders email xclsvworld@gmail.com

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