Sunday, February 8, 2009

Young Marley Custom Sneakers '09 edition "The Iron Lion is in Zion" custom sneakers

Hello world!
Well I couldn't keep you waiting too long so I'm back again. Seems like the blogs views are going up, so I want to thank you for it. This means that all you followers will receive even more work to look at, more reflections, more feelings to be brought to the table.

This pair was supposed to be another "Young Marley" custom Nike Air Force 1, just like the one previously posted. The previous version pair got a nice share of attention, loved doing it the first time around, and the second time, and third, but once you hit the 4th repetition it starts getting old, so anything beyond that gets annoying. They say repetition makes perfect, well although the design becomes easier and easier to accomplish, it definitely gets boring! So I suggested my client to switch it up a bit, all she asked was to have more black than the original pair, and for the rest "do what you feel, I trust your skills" she said, that is music to my ears!!!!!

So the concept for these custom Bob Marley Nikes remains the same, a black and white picture of Bob Marley as a young man, his name, and the Ethiopian colors often used by Rastafarian because that is where king Haile Selassie is from.
With this pair I stepped the detail level up a notch. You will first notice that on the right shoe, the picture has more definition, I actually put more work on the skin for this one, it is more picture like, I also highlighted the dread locks in his head. On the left shoe I switched up the the way I had the name. I previously had a large font and the map of motherland, for this one I dug into my graphic design background, I wanted to see the outcome on a shoe. The content has two lions to represent the lion of Judah, found on the Ethiopian flag, it is a sign of victory from ancient history if I'm not mistaking. Finally, you all noticed the work on the stitching, something that I've seen other artists do, always was tempted but due to large amounts of orders never really gave it time to try, but here it is, and actually the lay out of the yellow stitching on black with the yellow
laces on the black tongue, are inspired by one of my favorite possessions, a pair of all black canvas Nike Vandals, with the green swoosh, white sole, and yellow stitching and laces.

Well here it is world, yet another one for you to enjoy, no controversy nor provocation on this one tho. And if you know the original picture you'll probably notice that I made his face expression happier, just modified the mouth and the expression of the eyes, I always felt like he was supposed to smile on this pic lol. Well this is for all you Bob Marley fans, reggae fans, Ethiopians, or followers of my work. For the returners you know the song, and for the new comers, get this pair, a variation of it, or any idea, concept, message that you might have in mind done here!!!!! Shoot me an email, and I will make sure to respond promptly!!!
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XCLSV X Young Bob Marley "The Lion is in Zion" X Custom Nike Air Force 1


  1. Does "4th times a charm" count?? Probably not since they were all incredible. These look great Mr. Xclsv, the detail is insane! I like your variation of the picture, I think he should have been smiling a little bit too :) They just keep getting better. Keep it up!


  2. i suppose i'm slippin. lol. it's ok. i'll b bakk next time. the shoes are AMAZING...waaaaaaaay better than 1-3. i love them. all the variations and the detail. the pics are gr8 as well. u ROKK! that is all.

  3. i wanna buy these can i and how???