Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Custom sneaker poetry

For those who know me, I am not a very expressive person when it comes to relationships, weather is family, friends, or ladies. Nevertheless, expression as well as creativity are very strong need of mine, I get a sense of freedom expressing myself, and doing so in a creative way. It gives me a releaf and a sense of freedom, and latelly in my art I have been "finding myself", this sets me free.
I started attending open mic evenings and poetry bars. And as I explore different ways to express myself, and dig within to channel some thoughts, I felt like writing and I came up with these three poems.

Peace is simply what I aim for with my work, along with freedom of mind and expression. This poem expressess that need and the fullfilment I get from painting sneakers.

In this poem I put the artist that I am, in the skin of a raper. I speak about my custom sneaker art work as if I were a raper, speaking about myself, some of my background experiences, and my approach to my work, while in parallel comparing myself to some of my prefered artists.

Lack of Better Words
Lack of better words was the third one. In this one I wanted to clarify that I do not consider myself as a poet, AT ALL!!! lol simply comparing my art to poetry (art in which lots of times, my punch lines are not understood). This one is a little more dramatic, deeper, more metaphoric, than the previous 2, I was starting to get confortable with the pencil, almost felt like I was painting. But I had to stop and jump back on the sneakers, that is what you are here for, right? lol I might bring out some more later on, stay tunned!

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