Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Superman Dubs custom Nike AF1

Hello world,
I am right back at you! This is what I like to call a "quickie". The order came out of nowhere, the client stopped by the shop and said "yo I need these superman asap, just throw the logo on there and make it match this hat"...

Next day, here we are! The design is pretty simple as requested per the customer, and with the little time given to think it through, and get it done in between other projects. Though the request was for a simple logo, these tend to be the toughest jobs for me, how do I make "simple" visually interesting. I give a great amount of importance to concepts and balance, and so simple and so short notice is something that is of great difficulty for me.

The design/lay out is simple, inspired by the ying yang, they areflip flop front and back, both shoes would be the same if look at front to back back to front. This is concept that I previously used on one of my personal custom sneakers the "25th bday" exclusive custom Nike AF1. I never released those so I thought I would use the idea. Once again, balance is huge for me, so though both are completelly different in lay out, they do not clash. The front view appears as if they were 2 different shoes, this will catch enough attention to make people analyze the rest of the shoe.

So here you go, if you have an up and coming event and you want something that is simple but exclusive, holla at xclsv and will get you taken carred of. Keep in mind that good things take time to process, some like a good meal, but we can always microwave it!
Thank you for stoppin by. Love and blessings.

XCLSV X "Superman Dubs" X custom Nike AF1

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