Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello world!
I thought since January was the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, that we should recognize the struggle, determination, and success from the the "Guerrilleros" that fought against Batista, giving freedom to the Cuban nation. Now, what was done in the country and the changes from that date on will be things that could be discussed, but this is not the topic, these shoes are just giving tribute to the movement that took place about 50 years ago. But this being said, I am pretty sure this pair of custom sneakers is going to be another controversial one, another one of those "why?" or "I don't like the fact that you have Fidel on there" or one of my favorite ones "the work is nice, but not sure I like the theme", kind of like the Obama's customs nike air force one "hope for change". This reaction will come more than likely from Cuban natives, or from people that are politically and historically cultivated. And I can honestly understand where that idea could come from, but if you give it a little time and read about the concept may be it will make more sense after I explain for you to see the depth in it.

The idea and the concept behind this pair of custom sneakers is very similar to the Obama custom kicks "Hope for change". How you may ask? Well the intent on both pairs of custom sneakers is to send two messages, one obvious "hope for change" in the case of the Obama custom sneakers, and freedom in the case of the "Cuban revolution"; and two more a little deeper "my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge; Hosea 4:6" for the Obama custom shoes, also touching on keeping it real with yourself and others; in the case of the Che Guevara and Fidel Castro custom sneakers "La revolucion cubana", is to keep your eyes into what really matters, what you stand for, why you started what you started. Fame, or simple success in any levels can blur if not block our vision, as a result we loose focus, orientation and sight or the goal and direction we are going to.

Many got lost on the portraits on the Obama custom sneakers, and went past the two statements clearly made: "hope for change" and "out with the old, in with the new", this was due to the fact that two characters that represent two groups of people that are separated by a set of believes and expectations. Well this pair of custom sneakers might inflict the same reaction, due to the feelings individuals might have for both characters, the poem traduces "the fight for life, the voice of hope, the light to the utopia, this is revolution", that was the ideal they were fighting for and that is basically the message of this pair of custom sneakers, but the end of the story was not so nice, there are rumors and theories in which I will not get into, I will just suggest for you to do the research, but the outcome of that story takes me to the second part of the message which is to keep your eyes on your goal, don't forget what you stand for and the principles you were raised on.

The purpose of my personal jobs is not simply to deliver a pair of sneakers that can be worn, but to deliver a message, touch on topics that I feel need to be addressed, and the aproach is to use a concept that might be provoking but only to get attention, while challenging the viewer to see past a barrier on the first level, just like in life we should look at things with more depth. Please do not take any of it as an offesive gesture.
Now as always, remember that you can also get your own pair of custom sneakers, something that would represent you and what you stand for, or simply something that you like, something that you support, something that you always wanted!! I am here to deliver that on your own pair of custom sneakers!!!
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XCLSV X El Che y Fidel "La revolucion cubana" X Custom Nike Air Force 1


  1. I FRIKKIN LOVE U!!! i wanted 2 read...but the shoes distracted me. i tried...burt i couldn't they're beautiful babe! u rokk!!!

  2. Mr. XCLSV: This sneakers are really cool! THe best ones I've ever seen... I encourage you to keep your talent as high as you can. Your job is really professional!!! Thanks.

  3. AMAZING!!!!
    I "order" those sneakers for my boyfriend's b'day! He loves cuba and his culture, so I just ask cuba to be the theme of the pair.
    I got the post box and I wait to open it once together, he couldn't believe! he was sooooo happy!!!! sooooo happy!!!! jumping n jumping and smiling like crazy! it was the best and the most distintive present ever!
    thanks very much for your job!!!!

  4. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Viva Cuba!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how can I buy these?