Thursday, January 1, 2009

Godelieve "Love, Live, Life" custom sneakers

Hello world!
I am proud to introduce you to the Godelieve "Love, Live, Life" Creative Recreation custom sneakers! This pair of custom shoes mean a lot to me for so many reasons. The first one is because these were made for my sister, she is the "Love" of my life, she is the sweetest thing a"Live", and she is my "Life" long best friend, now you know where the title came from.
The Creative Recreation "Love, Live, Life" custom shoes also mean a lot to me because I got to experience new things that I have been impatient to jump on.

One of the first things I wanted to do was to make a pair of custom kicks on a shoe DIFFERENT THAN SOME NIKE AIR FORCE ONES! Now don't get it twisted, I love my air ones and any one who knows me will tell you I am a fiend for a pair of all white forces. Nevertheless I have painted on so many of them that it gets old and repetitive after a while.
The second thing was the use of animal prints combined with bright colors and metallics. I intended to release the mutant pack this summer, for those who do not remember this pack from, it was a pack of 4 pairs of customized Nike AF1 with 4 different African animal prints, with 4 neon colors, and metalics. This was the result of a crazy story I came up with, but in the process of painting the custom sneakers, I seen a release of a pack of custom sneakers by another artist, and the result was similar to what I was going for, so I discontinued it.
And finally, I figured a way to make a smooth and effective pattened leather effect.

The concept of the shoe is all about my sister. The use of black and white is not only because of my notorious adiction to the combination of these two colors, but in this case to express the mixture from our parents, my father being a caucasian european, and my mother being african. The metalic color is a mix of coper and gold, it is to represent my sisters skin complexion. It took a good hour just to mix it, and about 15 coats to lay it the way I wanted it!!!
The color on the toe represents her support. Anything I do she is my number one fan and she feels like I am the best at it, she makes me feel like the sky is the limit.
The leopard prints are to to express the fisty side of her loverly personality, those who know her, know that she is like her mother, heart big enough to fit two worlds, but fisty little thing!
The portrait is obvoiusly her, it is from a picture that I retouched on photoshop. She liked it so much she wanted to print some shirts ouf of it.
The font I used on the white area was simply from a shirt I seen, I liked it and I thought it would be apropriate with this shoe.
On the left heel I have the title of the shoes, and on the right heel I have her name "Godelieve" which translates "God's Love".
Finally the laces, the original laces were your regular flat laces, and I chose some skinny round ones to symbolize the fact that she is skinny lol it pays her bills because she is a model, but she still is a skinny butt! lol

Well here is another one for you to enjoy. If you have a family member that you would like to show some love to, you know what to do! Let me know the concepts you would like to emphasize, what you would like to express, and I will tell my imagination to go to work for you!!!
Just like always, remember thta you can get what ever you whant in any way you want it!

XCLSV X Godelieve "Love, Live, Life" X Custom Creative Recreation


  1. awwww...these are hot! i lOVE the colors. portrait is bangin...i like the shoes 2. not a pair of ones, but a new kind of fly. i still love u. and yes u still rokk!

  2. oh...i forgot about the photography! tight work!

  3. Well!!! What can I say if Im the lucky one??? I feel overwhelmed! when I opened the box I was about to cry! so styleeeeee!!!! I just love them!!!! everything, every little detail, its funny how much can mean a pair of shoes!!! those are the best I ever had!!! better than my dreams, as different as Im, as unique, as everything,thanks very much, good job, welldone
    , you did so good that now I feel like I shouldnt wear them!!!
    I LOVE THEM! AND OF COURSE I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks again!!!!